Signs that it’s time to let go


  1. They want you to be someone else  :We are all individuals in our special way. If we start doing things what people want us to do, we lose our individuality and originality. So, be with someone who praises you for being original and motivates you to continue down that path.
  2. Promises are always broken
  3. Too many chances :You’ve been with a person who keeps breaking your trust, and after every incident they promise you it will never happen again ,but somehow it magically keeps happening again. It is because you’re not a priority for them and You’re just an option, hurting you isn’t a big deal for them and they don’t think twice before doing something that Would make you cry. Let go and find someone who would think twice before hurting you.
  4. You start hating everything :Relationships are supposed to make life beautiful, not make it seem like a prison where there is no escape. If you find yourself hating every waking moment of your life, it’s because you ended up with someone who can’t keep you happy no matter how hard you stand for them.
  5. You can’t speak your heart out :You are with someone who constantly gives you the feeling of fear every time you think about opening up To them. The thought of letting yourself be heard makes you think twice because of the reaction you’ll get from them in return.