Listen and do love

Life is a journey. It’s like two people going forward together with lots of dreams and expectations. What happens if one of that person cheats the other one who blindly love and trust the person who is with them and guiding them? If your partner has any trait  which you don’t like,it’s not a good way to cheat and go and find your pleasure in other people. Still the person is blindly following you. Do you think that your partner don’t know how to cheat you?

Don’t hurt a person’s feelings intentionally. We have to be in control of our feelings and our life. We have only one life in this world. Enjoy the happiness of being loyal in every areas of your life. Believe me, there are people who won’t cheat you back.That’s the sign of a good personality. Why can’t you be successful by being the owner of your own good way of living life?

Those who are having children have to think that, once they were also small and you also have gone through happiness and pain. Yes, small hearts also gets affected. They are also suffering along with you. Are you going to enjoy when your partner and children are suffering? Don’t think that there is no punishment for all your deeds. In this world itself there are lot of people who are under curse for what they think and do.

Be in control of your life. Don’t let anyone steal the happiness and good values from you. Make family prayer a part of your life. Believe that life is not easy as we think. There are lot of adventurous paths in front of you. Face all the difficulties. There you  can see the ‘SUCCESS’ sign board.



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