A small prayer

God, I don’t know what to pray for. I surrender myself to you. Give me what you want to give me. I have problems in my life. I ask you to guide me as you have guided me all these years. You have given me life and you have protected and provided for me all these years. I am very happy and satisfied. Through all these problems, I can feel your great presence with me and your love guiding me. Help me to be yours always. You know my needs. Help me to live according to your wish..


Live in the present

Do not worry or be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have worries and anxieties of its own. Sufficient for each day is its own trouble.
—Matthew 6:34

One of the things we need to understand is that God wants us to learn to be “now people.” Too often we spend our time in the past or the future. We need to learn to live now—mentally as well as physically and spiritually. There is an anointing on today.

In John 8:58, Jesus referred to Himself as I AM. If you and I, as His disciples, try to live in the past or the future, we are going to find life hard for us because Jesus is always in the present. That’s what He meant when He told us in Matthew 6:34, Do not worry or be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have worries and anxieties of its own. Sufficient for each day is its own trouble.

Jesus has plainly told us we don’t need to worry about anything. All we need to do is seek the kingdom of God, and He will add to us whatever we need, whether it is food or clothing or shelter or spiritual growth (See Matthew 6:25-33). We don’t need to be concerned about tomorrow, because tomorrow will have problems of its own. We need to concentrate our full attention on today and stop being so intense and stirred up.

Calm down and lighten up! Laugh more and worry less. Stop ruining today worrying about yesterday or tomorrow—neither of which we can do anything about. We need to stop wasting our precious “now,” because it will never come again. The next time you are tempted to get anxious or upset about something—especially something in the past or the future—think about what you are doing and turn your mind to what is going on today.

Learn from the past and prepare for the future, but live in the present.

Being accepted

Its a good feeling to realize that there is someone who can understand what we exactly think in our mind. Definitely everyone would agree with this. Because everyone wants to be accepted by the other person. And the realization that the other person loves the way you think, you speak, loves the way you interact with people, and admires your beauty etc. definitely helps by boosting your self-confidence. It gives you the power to move forward in life.
The major problem in today’s marriages is that this  understanding can’t be found between a husband and wife. Selfishness inside them wants to get everything from others, but not ready to give anything. It’s not only in marriages but also in other relationships also.
It’s common today to deceive the partner if he or she is very much sincere in their life. Because the person who cheats firmly believes that their partner can be easily fooled by showing fake love because he or she is an idiot who won’t understand anything.
Everyone expects love and sincerity back from the other person especially in marriages. It’s very easy to fall into a sin today because of the drastic change in the technology and moral values.
“Your conscience will be affected by the moral lives you see around you, by the standards of right and wrong that is practiced in your culture and by your own responses to it.”- Kristian and Ritva Sand.

It’s very important in a relationship to be accepted by the other person. Marriage needs hard work. Satan is waiting to get inside your relationship when you are neglecting your love to your partner. Remember the vows taken during your marriage. A positive change is necessary as we grow older, and we must. But it should not be a growth when your partner is still waiting for you to stretch your helping hands. Both should grow simultaneously.
When you criticize others, check whether you are perfect. When you find faults in your partner, think that your partner loved the way you are and accepted you and gave themselves to you. And you should love them as they are.

My mother

The most beautiful part that happened in my life is my mother.
Whenever I think about my mother, a smiling face comes to my mind. She gave me so much love. She is very beautiful, both externally and internally. I believe that this beauty of her is divine got through her good way of living life.
Her dedication to God has made me astonished many times. Because sometimes when a problem come in my life, I stop praying and start to ask why all these problems are coming to my life even though I have tried to live a good life. But when a problem is there, my mother has never stopped praying and worshipping God.
I strongly believe that it’s her prayers that are protecting our family everyday. Even if someone says a nice thing about me, I give the full credits to my mother. She has shown us how to love unconditionally and the importance of patience in life.
I have hurted her many times by my words, but she forgets it instantly and loves me more. She is a very good mother,wife and woman.