My mother

The most beautiful part that happened in my life is my mother.
Whenever I think about my mother, a smiling face comes to my mind. She gave me so much love. She is very beautiful, both externally and internally. I believe that this beauty of her is divine got through her good way of living life.
Her dedication to God has made me astonished many times. Because sometimes when a problem come in my life, I stop praying and start to ask why all these problems are coming to my life even though I have tried to live a good life. But when a problem is there, my mother has never stopped praying and worshipping God.
I strongly believe that it’s her prayers that are protecting our family everyday. Even if someone says a nice thing about me, I give the full credits to my mother. She has shown us how to love unconditionally and the importance of patience in life.
I have hurted her many times by my words, but she forgets it instantly and loves me more. She is a very good mother,wife and woman.


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