Blesser or Blessings


My inspiration for today’s post is from a sermon I saw in television today. I felt that I should share this. 
The program started with a video clip from real life.
A man named Johnson who gets a very small amount of money from his job, saves some money to give food daily to the people who lives in street. He and his wife wakes up early in the morning to prepare the food. He then goes to the church and after coming back, they will have a family prayer. While watching this video, I was surprised by his dedication to supply food to the poor, even though he was from a poor background.
The person who gave the sermon did not talk about Johnson. He thinks in a different perspective. He asked,” what if Johnson did not supply food for one week? Will people think , maybe he can’t afford, or what a cruel person he is, he forgot us?”
Most probably, they will think like the latter part. This is the same case with the relationship between God and humans. We all pray to receive his blessings like, “God please help me from this debt, please help me to cure this disease, please help me to pass this test, please help me to buy that house” etc. etc.
Even though we have seen many blessings in our life, we usually don’t think about that. We have a habit to focus on our problems. Jesus’ disciples have seen many miracles. Yet they did not show faith in him in some circumstances. Even Peter who was with him most of the time, abandoned him during the time of Jesus’ last days.

We should love the Blesser than his blessings because he loved us and gave his own life for us. Do we like if someone approaches us always only for their benefits? Isn’t it a shame to love the blessings than the loving God?

Love God than His blessings. 🙂


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