How to Be a Confident Mom

This post is not written by me , this is from  Joyce Meyer. I want every mothers to read this.


Bringing Up Your Children with Peace, Patience and Confidence

At one time or another, every mom has felt lacking in her ability as a parent. It begins with caring for your newborn. Am I doing this right? And then continues with toddler tantrums all the way through the teenage years. Am I making the right decisions? Are my kids going to turn out all right? When they make mistakes, will they know that God is on their side? Even when our children are grown-ups, they’ll forever be our children.

There are awesome responsibilities that come with being a parent, and while many men are committed to their families and deeply involved in their children’s lives, mothers tend to be the primary nurturers.

I have met young moms who feel they are not what they should be unless they can juggle marriage, parenting, home­making, and a career all at the same time.

Sometimes messy and difficult family situations like divorce, alcoholism, abuse, or other problems make it even harder to persevere with a positive, peaceful attitude.

Then there’s the worry that your children may not choose to pursue a personal relationship with God or walk through life with Him.

If you feel like your joy in motherhood is being overshadowed by family challenges or a swirling sense of self-doubt, I want to help you claim the confidence you need to enjoy the journey of motherhood.

I’m not talking about confidence in your own abilities; I am talking about having confidence in God’s ability to help you and guide you each step of the way. He intends for motherhood to be a joyful experience, and I want to help you learn how to lean confidently on Him.

One thing God doesn’t want you to do is worry. Some people think if they aren’t worrying about their children, they’re not good parents. However, the Bible warns us not to worry because it does us no good.

Matthew 6:27 says, “And who of you by worrying and being anxious can add one unit of measure (cubit) to his stature or to the span of his life?”

Like most parents, Dave and I had some kind of issue with each of our children. And I wasted a lot of time worrying while they were growing up.

Two of our children struggled getting through school, one was very messy, and another was an extreme perfectionist and put tremendous pressure on herself. The good news is they all made it and are doing fine.

Some of them took a little detour and made some bad choices, but they learned from them and came full circle back to what they were taught.

God’s Word states that if we train our children in the way they should go, when they are old they will not depart from it (see Proverbs 22:6). If you are concerned about your children, just cling to that promise. Pray for their needs, and then cast your care on God.

Instead of feeling the pressure of worldly expectations, do the best job you can to raise your children according to godly principles and leave the rest up to God.

Nobody’s Perfect

Sometimes moms miss out on what could be joy-filled moments because they are concerned they aren’t measuring up to other moms. But God’s Word says it’s unwise to make comparisons (see 2 Corinthians 10:12).

He doesn’t want you to be like other moms. He wants you to celebrate the fact that you are unique!

Every person has special gifts and talents. And at the same time, we are all surrounded by people who have different gifts and abilities that we don’t have.

Insecurity and a lack of confidence will not only steal your ability to enjoy other people’s gifts—it will cause you to feel inadequate and may even keep you from pursuing the wonderful life that God has planned for you.

God made you one-of-a-kind and wonderful in your own way. So cultivate your strengths, gifts, and personalities, and pass that confidence on to your children by appreciating and encouraging their uniqueness.

You don’t have to be perfect. Just do the best that you can and remember that God will do what you can’t as you trust in Him.

It’s easy to get stuck thinking what could’ve, would’ve, or should’ve been, or spend time wishing things were different than they are. But like worrying, wishing is a waste of time.

Life is always more enjoyable and fulfilling when we choose to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and contentment.

I am not encouraging you to settle for situations that need to be improved, but I am urging you to accept the way God made you and the life He has given you.

The truth is, nobody has the perfect life.

Decide today to take the first step toward learning to enjoy your life by making the most of what you have. It also helps to embrace the ordinary—to delight in little things, to appreciate small blessings other people might overlook.

Whatever situation you find yourself in—and no matter what is happening with your children, you always have access to the unlimited, unconditional love of God.

Love is the greatest gift a mom can give. Yet all too often, moms are running on empty, trying to give their children what they haven’t received for themselves.

Throughout the years, God has encouraged me to get filled up spiritually in a variety of ways.

I started by studying what the Word says about His love, and made a point to declare out loud several times a day “God loves me.” It felt uncomfortable at first, but doing this helped me embrace the truth of God’s love. I encourage you to do this too.

Say to yourself “God loves me,” and let it sink in. Repeat it often: when you awake in the morning, when you go to bed at night, and throughout the entire day. Look at yourself in the mirror, point to yourself, call yourself by name, and say, “God loves me.”

You can also keep a book of remembrance filled with special things God does for you. Include the little things as well as major things. And read over your list at least once a week to keep yourself encouraged.

Read some good books about God’s love. After God gave me a personal revelation about His love for me, one of the first messages I ever taught was about the love of God. Through that experience I wrote a book called, Tell Them I Love Them.

Pray for the Holy Spirit, Who is our Helper and Teacher, to give you a personal revelation of God’s love.

Always remember, you’re not alone. God is always with you. Lean on Him for the grace and wisdom to follow His lead. He’s the best teacher, comforter, confidant and encourager there is, and He can give you all the peace, patience and confidence you need to succeed.

When your confidence is in Him, you can truly enjoy every minute of your journey.