Influence of media


It’s impossible to live without internet. But it has changed the lifestyle of the world. The most  affected area is family and relationships. The ultimate result is depression. Most of the people have lost genuineness in life.

Social media has become one of the culprits in this. Most of the social media users have a lot of fraudulent accounts  with different names. Such people lacks emotional maturity. To be precise, they are emotionally and spiritually dead. They are using their mental abilities for destroying themselves. But not realising the reality.As a result,extramarital affairs and divorces are increasing everyday.

Nowadays  television serials have badly influenced the women in our country. These serials are emphasising on vengeance, crookedness and jealousy. The script writers or the actors may not be aware about the influence of these type of serials . I have seen actors denying the bad impact of serials on society. Its possible for the viewers to imitate their favourite character in their daily life. Even they won’t be knowing that they are losing their personality. This has become an addiction and can lead to depression. Sometimes even the family members may not notice the changes in the person’s behaviour.

Children who are unable to differentiate between real and the deceptive world, are likely to imitate the characters in films, serials and internet. Use of drugs, murder, suicide, adultery are the contents common in media. We will be creating a future generation who have a tendency to experiment every sort of evil. In other words, like genetically modified, a emotionally modified generation.

We can help ourselves and our family
• by using at least half an hour as quality time by talking about the day to day affairs happened in their family. Avoid conflicts.
•  Always be engaged in your work. Do your tasks orderly. It’s not a good idea to put aside the work to be done .
• Read something useful.
•Spend time with some good friends.
•Limit your usage of internet.
• Have a healthy diet and exercise.

If smoking and drinking liquor was the unhealthy habits before a few years back, sexting  and pornography  is the new villain in this generation.
I would like to know your opinions about this. What do you think?

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