Give thanks

I have noticed that, I pray and ask some things to God and after some days I forget what I asked for. I forget it because it maybe a small thing, or it is taking time to be real. But later, when I think about those needs , I see that God has already given me what I asked for when I even did not realise. God remembers our needs even when we don’t remember.
It does not occur always. Sometimes I get the answer for my prayers very soon. I am experiencing the presence of God with me always. I can feel that love from Him. I feel assured that He is with me and will be forever. I have gone through many painful experiences, but I could feel the helping hands of my Father with me. His love is true love.
I thank Him for the blessings and the life He gave me. Give thanks to Him for the blessings He gave in your life.

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Happy new year

Happy new year 2015 everyone.
Last year was an eventful year for me. When I calculate, happiness was more than sadness. God gave one more opportunity to praise Him. In fact, after our marriage, I enjoyed last year very much. God fulfilled my heart’s desires. He assures me of His presence in my life everyday.  Those who experience this feeling will surely agree with me. Relationships got more stronger and learned some more about life even though failed many times in the process of learning life.
I hope 2015 will be a much more good year for everyone.

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