For a happy marriage


I want to share my opinions about married life. It may feel right or wrong depending on each of the readers. I am not that much matured and old enough to speak with much authority. I am just sharing what I felt.
A boy and a girl are entering a new life completely different from what they have experienced till that time. There are some factors which enhance and some which negatively affect the happiness in the life of a husband and wife.

• They should have some common similarities and interests. Because everyone loves themselves first. If they find someone who has similar interests of them, it is more easy to enjoy together. Then they can perceive romance in their conversations. If a common interest is not there, there will be a small struggle to adjust between themselves.
Definitely  there should be different interests between themselves. That will help them to understand some great life lessons or even very small things. They can learn from each other. There should be a balance. An emotionally mature couple can enjoy life even if they have different interests.
• After marriage they should never have any secrets between them. Maybe telling everything openly will create a little discomfort, but this openness shows that you respect your partner. They will be able to help you if you are in a problem.
•The word ‘respect’ is very much relevant in this relationship and is inevitable. If your partner is able to respect you, your relationship is a success. You cannot expect them to be perfect in everything unless you are perfect. Give respect and take respect.
• Marriage is a mutual commitment. One should not always blame his or her partner for anything. Usually everyone wants their partner to be true and perfect in everything, but they are not willing to be true to their partner. Trust can only be gained from faithfulness. Once the trust is lost, life will be miserable.