Principles of time

Principles of time
1. See time as a gift from God.
2. See time as a resource
– think that I will plan my time, not time will plan my life
3. Plan ahead.
4. Do the most important things or hard things first
5. Set time limit for difficult projects – once u have finished 3 hours set for a task, stop doing it after 3 hours. Continue it the next day.
6.Spent money and save time(don’t waste time)
For eg. Business men spent money on flights to save time. They will be having more things to do in a day.
7. Say no to things that waste your time.
Remember that everyone has only 24 hours




Yesterday being women’s day, a lot of news about women were there. I am an Indian. I know only what is happening here. I don’t know what is happening in other countries, but I think everywhere, women are facing too much problems.
When I talk about the bad things, please don’t think that India is the worst country. Everyone will have something unpleasant to tell.

Why are women not safe? Firstly, they are not getting freedom in their own houses. In this case also, I am talking only about a small group of people. There are lot of women who get very much support and encouragement from their families and are very successful in their lives.

Both men and women should understand that women are not objects. Boys¬† should be taught by their parents that they should respect their opposite gender, and should not see them as sexual objects. Women have also the responsibility of behaving like they are not sexual objects. I have one thing to say, whenever you look at a woman with evil intentions in your mind, try to imagine your mother’s face in that place. Even then you can’t stop your evil intentions, your life in this world is only a garbage. You will not get a good future. What you do today can affect your daughter tomorrow. Open your eyes and think of the consequences that will be horrible in your old age. Repentance is good, but the enjoyment for a short period, will be ruining your whole life.
Dear parents, its your responsibility to teach your children to respect others. Only by showing them with your example of life. In Bible, its written that (Pro 13:24) “He who spares his rod hates his son, but he who loves him disciplines him promptly.”
And don’t criticise other parents if their children are not going in a good way, because its also written in bible that, ‘don’t judge others’.
You will be ashamed if you criticise others.

Dear women, please dress in a manner that you get respect from others. Its not a good manner to exhibit yourself as sexual objects. Don’t share your revealing body pictures to anyone. Women are not created to be only fun giving objects to men. They have a big responsibility to be a good example to their future generations. Interact with men in a good way by every means.

In India, the government should take strict legal actions against the attacks over women. Punishments should be very strict so that even a small bad thought against the women should be eradicated.

Fathers should give confidence and very much support to their daughters in their homes. Even if your daughters are travelling alone, they should feel that they have their father to support them. Don’t discourage their good motives. Don’t say ‘No’ to their good motives.
Its very heartbreaking to read about the rapes in newspapers everyday, especially what the fathers are doing to their daughters. Your daughter is a part of you. She is depending on you to grow up in this world. How can anyone do this?

And dear brothers, its your duty to take care of your sister and ensure that she is safe. Don’t ever see a woman as an object. Instead bring out the lots of strengths and abilities within her to make this world a heaven.

Women, follow your dreams. A woman herself will be the last one to recognise her strengths. Try to achieve your goals. You can..