Yesterday being women’s day, a lot of news about women were there. I am an Indian. I know only what is happening here. I don’t know what is happening in other countries, but I think everywhere, women are facing too much problems.
When I talk about the bad things, please don’t think that India is the worst country. Everyone will have something unpleasant to tell.

Why are women not safe? Firstly, they are not getting freedom in their own houses. In this case also, I am talking only about a small group of people. There are lot of women who get very much support and encouragement from their families and are very successful in their lives.

Both men and women should understand that women are not objects. Boys  should be taught by their parents that they should respect their opposite gender, and should not see them as sexual objects. Women have also the responsibility of behaving like they are not sexual objects. I have one thing to say, whenever you look at a woman with evil intentions in your mind, try to imagine your mother’s face in that place. Even then you can’t stop your evil intentions, your life in this world is only a garbage. You will not get a good future. What you do today can affect your daughter tomorrow. Open your eyes and think of the consequences that will be horrible in your old age. Repentance is good, but the enjoyment for a short period, will be ruining your whole life.
Dear parents, its your responsibility to teach your children to respect others. Only by showing them with your example of life. In Bible, its written that (Pro 13:24) “He who spares his rod hates his son, but he who loves him disciplines him promptly.”
And don’t criticise other parents if their children are not going in a good way, because its also written in bible that, ‘don’t judge others’.
You will be ashamed if you criticise others.

Dear women, please dress in a manner that you get respect from others. Its not a good manner to exhibit yourself as sexual objects. Don’t share your revealing body pictures to anyone. Women are not created to be only fun giving objects to men. They have a big responsibility to be a good example to their future generations. Interact with men in a good way by every means.

In India, the government should take strict legal actions against the attacks over women. Punishments should be very strict so that even a small bad thought against the women should be eradicated.

Fathers should give confidence and very much support to their daughters in their homes. Even if your daughters are travelling alone, they should feel that they have their father to support them. Don’t discourage their good motives. Don’t say ‘No’ to their good motives.
Its very heartbreaking to read about the rapes in newspapers everyday, especially what the fathers are doing to their daughters. Your daughter is a part of you. She is depending on you to grow up in this world. How can anyone do this?

And dear brothers, its your duty to take care of your sister and ensure that she is safe. Don’t ever see a woman as an object. Instead bring out the lots of strengths and abilities within her to make this world a heaven.

Women, follow your dreams. A woman herself will be the last one to recognise her strengths. Try to achieve your goals. You can..


For a happy marriage


I want to share my opinions about married life. It may feel right or wrong depending on each of the readers. I am not that much matured and old enough to speak with much authority. I am just sharing what I felt.
A boy and a girl are entering a new life completely different from what they have experienced till that time. There are some factors which enhance and some which negatively affect the happiness in the life of a husband and wife.

• They should have some common similarities and interests. Because everyone loves themselves first. If they find someone who has similar interests of them, it is more easy to enjoy together. Then they can perceive romance in their conversations. If a common interest is not there, there will be a small struggle to adjust between themselves.
Definitely  there should be different interests between themselves. That will help them to understand some great life lessons or even very small things. They can learn from each other. There should be a balance. An emotionally mature couple can enjoy life even if they have different interests.
• After marriage they should never have any secrets between them. Maybe telling everything openly will create a little discomfort, but this openness shows that you respect your partner. They will be able to help you if you are in a problem.
•The word ‘respect’ is very much relevant in this relationship and is inevitable. If your partner is able to respect you, your relationship is a success. You cannot expect them to be perfect in everything unless you are perfect. Give respect and take respect.
• Marriage is a mutual commitment. One should not always blame his or her partner for anything. Usually everyone wants their partner to be true and perfect in everything, but they are not willing to be true to their partner. Trust can only be gained from faithfulness. Once the trust is lost, life will be miserable.

Influence of media


It’s impossible to live without internet. But it has changed the lifestyle of the world. The most  affected area is family and relationships. The ultimate result is depression. Most of the people have lost genuineness in life.

Social media has become one of the culprits in this. Most of the social media users have a lot of fraudulent accounts  with different names. Such people lacks emotional maturity. To be precise, they are emotionally and spiritually dead. They are using their mental abilities for destroying themselves. But not realising the reality.As a result,extramarital affairs and divorces are increasing everyday.

Nowadays  television serials have badly influenced the women in our country. These serials are emphasising on vengeance, crookedness and jealousy. The script writers or the actors may not be aware about the influence of these type of serials . I have seen actors denying the bad impact of serials on society. Its possible for the viewers to imitate their favourite character in their daily life. Even they won’t be knowing that they are losing their personality. This has become an addiction and can lead to depression. Sometimes even the family members may not notice the changes in the person’s behaviour.

Children who are unable to differentiate between real and the deceptive world, are likely to imitate the characters in films, serials and internet. Use of drugs, murder, suicide, adultery are the contents common in media. We will be creating a future generation who have a tendency to experiment every sort of evil. In other words, like genetically modified, a emotionally modified generation.

We can help ourselves and our family
• by using at least half an hour as quality time by talking about the day to day affairs happened in their family. Avoid conflicts.
•  Always be engaged in your work. Do your tasks orderly. It’s not a good idea to put aside the work to be done .
• Read something useful.
•Spend time with some good friends.
•Limit your usage of internet.
• Have a healthy diet and exercise.

If smoking and drinking liquor was the unhealthy habits before a few years back, sexting  and pornography  is the new villain in this generation.
I would like to know your opinions about this. What do you think?

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